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Getting to the Top

Employees looking to move up to their first management positions should work on these skills:
  • Standardizing processes and procedure both across and within units
  • Improving the quality of products and services
To reach mid-level management, managers need to find “stretch assignments” that give them experience:
  • Turning around a struggling unit
  • Building a performing team and grooming future leaders
  • And to get to the very top, managers need a background in:
  • Resolving crises
  • Restructuring business investments or debt
  • Starting a new department, division, or function
Some other general rules that applies to all:
  • Exhibit leadership, charisma, financial acumen and a strong understanding of the business.
  • Communication skills, business writing, world-class presenter.
  • Master of delegation. Trust your team’s abilities, let them perform, listen to their suggestions and, if they don’t match your purpose, explain why.
  • Good relationships with your staff.
  • Good positioning skill. Know how to target an industry and map out where you could fill a need and how you’re going to do it.
  • While not an essential prerequisite, getting educated from a top MBA/Executive program helps.
  • Hiring an executive coach temporarily may help you to step back, reconnect to what is really important to you and your business.
Some personal qualities that hardly can be learned, are required to go to top. Here are some:
Good at their job and willing to lead, Self-Secure and Confident, In control of attitude and emotion, Persistent, Continuously Improving, Honest and Ethical, Thinking before talking, Original, Publicly Modest, Aware of Style, Gutsy / A Little Wild, Humorous, Detail oriented, Fighters for their people, Willing to admit mistakes yet unapologetic, Straightforward, Nice, Inquisitive, Competitive, Flexible, Good Storytellers etc.

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Please read a more interesting introduction at "About Me" section. I am an abstract thinker who is fun to watch in action. I not only generate new & better ideas for how things can be improved, but I also offer empowering courage to pursue them. I am exceptionally encouraging & motivating, and sometimes help others to reach their goals & dreams. People probably see me as a good mentor due to my patience and talent for giving direction. I am more expressive than introspective, more deliberate than spontaneous, more passionate than composed – and an assertive personality who does not hesitate to challenge anything in life!


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