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Attitude Repair Shop

Attitude is everything, and attitude is the foundation of everything. Attitude is reflected in your response to events and your responses to people. Actions you can take right now to improve your attitude:

  • Be nice
  • Be kind
  • Smile
  • Make friends
  • Say nice things
  • Praise others
  • Take responsibility
  • Be proud of your work
  • Be proud of your accomplishments
  • Don’t worry – just be happy

Start your response with words like:

  • Great!
  • No Problem!
  • Thats my favorite problem!
  • I think we can solve …
  • I am sure there is a way …
  • I think I can help!
  • YES!
  • Cool!
  • Can do!
  • Consider it done!

Actions to stay on the positive path:

  1. Admit its no one’s fault but yours
  2. Understand you always have (had) a choice
  3. If you think it is okay, it is. If you think it is not, it is not.
  4. Invest your time, don’t spend it.
  5. Study the thoughts & writing of positive people.
  6. Attend seminars & take courses on attitude.
  7. Check your language gouge.
  8. Avoid confrontational and negative thoughts.
  9. Say why you LIKE things and people, not why you don’t.
  10. Help others without expectation of measuring.
  11. Think about winning and losing words. Think “learn”, ‘lessons”, “experience” and “solutions” before you make a statement.
  12. Think about your mood and mood swings.
  13. Celebrate victory and defeat.
  14. Count your blessings everyday.
  15. Help someone everyday.
The Daily Dose Of Attitude

You wake up in the morning and you read something positive, or something inspirational, or something educational. Then you write your thoughts and ideas. Thats why I kept my own blog.

Talk about what you learned. Act on what you learned. Start your day with a great attitude.

How can I be more positive with kids and colleagues?

Attitude actions when others (and kids) do something wrong:

  1. Never yell at them.
  2. Instead, ask what they did.
  3. Then ask if this was the best they could have done?
  4. Ask them what could have been done differently?
  5. Ask them if they can do that next time?
  6. Encourage them to do the right after they are wrong.
  7. Never put them down.
  8. Speak to them with a YES attitude.

Attitude Maintenance Rule: Reinforce your attitude every morning. Talk to yourself. Write to yourself.

Preventive attitude maintenance:

  1. Reading something positive every morning
  2. Thinking positive thoughts every morning
  3. Having an attitude sanctuary to think and decompress
  4. Saying positive things every morning.
  5. Knowing your direction BEFORE you start walking.

Practice attitude maintenance:

  1. Random acts of positive attitude.
  2. Random acts of kindness.
  3. Saying positive things all day long.

Things you tell yourself:

  1. I am the friendliest person in the world.
  2. I am the most enthusiastic person in the world.
  3. I am the most helpful person in the world.
  4. I’ll never do or say anything that shows bad taste.
  5. I will tell myself what I can do, and what I can’t.
  6. I love to serve.
  7. I love to sell.
  8. I don’t prejudge or put down anyone.
  9. I will take control of myself and my success.
  10. I will remember the good times as often as I can.
  11. I will ask for what I want.
  12. I will stick at it until I won, even if my ass falls off.
  13. I will thank everyone for their help and never measure.
  14. I will ask before I tell.
  15. I will be memorable.
  16. I will avoid arguments.
  17. I am grateful for life and living.
  18. I will have great time tomorrow.
  19. I will get over it in one minute and get back to enjoying life.

About Bikramjit

Please read a more interesting introduction at "About Me" section. I am an abstract thinker who is fun to watch in action. I not only generate new & better ideas for how things can be improved, but I also offer empowering courage to pursue them. I am exceptionally encouraging & motivating, and sometimes help others to reach their goals & dreams. People probably see me as a good mentor due to my patience and talent for giving direction. I am more expressive than introspective, more deliberate than spontaneous, more passionate than composed – and an assertive personality who does not hesitate to challenge anything in life!


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