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Do Great Work

Everything we do falls into only 3 types of bucket – (1) Bad work, (2) Good work and (3) Great work. Time’s ticking. At the time of writing this – I have got only 17,107 days left on this planet (approx). Our work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the … Continue reading

Make a Difference

You can tell if someone is indispensable just by the way they walk into the room. They have their head high, they look at you, their shoulders are forward, there is a sparkle in their eye. People who are indispensable make the meanings better just by being in it. They care more about what they … Continue reading


Have you ever had a creative evening when time suddenly flew by? A day when you executed a difficult project at work flawlessly? A brief moment in time when your challenging exercise routine felt effortless? All of these times you were in a state of flow. If you’re not flowing, it’s probably because you aren’t … Continue reading

Be a Leader (from Robin)

Act Like a Human As the lights go out on the stage of old-school leadership, acting human is your game-changing solution. Acting human engages people – human engagement facilitates others towards their brilliance. A refreshing burst of humanity at the office outlasts and outshines the paycheck, the office with the view, or driving the company … Continue reading

Leadership – Start Today

Leadership means doing your vision (even if you’re title is janitor – be a visionary janitor and create wow in your work). Leadership means staying true to your self. And leadership means, well, not following. When you get to work every day, it’s showtime. No one cares if you have a cold or if you’re … Continue reading

Ishita’s Lessons from SAMBA

Time is an illusion. Don’t measure it by the amount of hours/effort you put in, measure it by goals you accomplish. A lofty goal combined with serious effort gets results. Doing things quickly and repetitively helps you get over anxiety about failure. Making a decision is more important than doing things perfectly. When in the … Continue reading

Fear and Passion

We all want to be passionate about our work, passionate about our life, passionate about our relationship, we all really crave passion! Whereas balance is about boundaries, balance is about pulling back, balance is about protecting yourself. Now there is another side of it, which is to say – why would we not embrace things … Continue reading