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Make a Difference

You can tell if someone is indispensable just by the way they walk into the room. They have their head high, they look at you, their shoulders are forward, there is a sparkle in their eye. People who are indispensable make the meanings better just by being in it. They care more about what they are doing than to get personal credit. They are not bogged down by titles, position, and they realize somewhere inside that – leadership is earned, not conferred. Indispensables can be made – but we need to create a culture that questions itself, a culture that allows mistakes, experiments, failures thats followed never by blame or shame – but certainly by accountability, and the willingness to make mistakes and move and show that you are learning from the mistakes.

Don’t think win-win, think about making a contribution or about making a difference. Consider where your passion, gifts, and influence can combine. Consider that as a calling for at least some of your leisure time. If you are lucky, you can find some way to make that a primary calling for your working hours, as well. But find that place, and spend as much time as you can there!


About Bikramjit

Please read a more interesting introduction at "About Me" section. I am an abstract thinker who is fun to watch in action. I not only generate new & better ideas for how things can be improved, but I also offer empowering courage to pursue them. I am exceptionally encouraging & motivating, and sometimes help others to reach their goals & dreams. People probably see me as a good mentor due to my patience and talent for giving direction. I am more expressive than introspective, more deliberate than spontaneous, more passionate than composed – and an assertive personality who does not hesitate to challenge anything in life!


One thought on “Make a Difference

  1. Agree completely.. leadership is one word that doesn’t have a proper definition. It grows from within… people look up to you automatically. There’s a certain amount of charisma involved.

    And that quote that I have in my signature…”It is amazing how much you can achieve when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”


    Posted by Chiranjib | February 24, 2010, 9:35 am

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