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What is the Quality of your Life?

Why is that every animal from small to large on earth, from ants to elephants, can sail through life (specially I like the birds), but we humans made things so complicated, that even after being the most evolved species on earth, we are loosing our ability to go through this simple and beautiful experience called life? Why is it that most of us are stressed, unhappy, sick, and worried as we keep growing up? Why are we becoming more advanced with information, technology and prosperity with every passing day – but the quality of our life is degrading simultaneously? Yes, we sure are living better than ever, but are we living happier than ever? May be not. We humans are letting go of the most important quality aspects of life, in exchange of something we value more (but matters less).

I’ll blame the frontal cortex! We need to think less, and feel more. Nothing in life is as important as we think it is.

Then where should we focus? Here are three drives of “quality” of life – Joy, Compassion and Peace.

Joy – what are the drivers of joy?

– Living now, with mindfulness, and with intensity
– Awaking the wondering child inside
– Enjoying intangibles (relationships, moments, small miracles of life around me)

Compassion – what are the drivers of compassion?

– Other-centered (opposite of self-centered)
– Everybody is peer, and every relation is more important than the transaction
– To forgive, love and help others

Peace – what are the drivers of peace?

– Deep sense of inner security
– Well organized
– Not giving the authority to anyone to take away my peace

Did I miss something? Please let me know in your comments, and I’ll update the post. Because, who knows, these few lines above may make a person pause for a while to ponder about his life. And that is a good start, because very few could figure it out all yet, and it is a long journey that every sage started with a simple question.


About Bikramjit

Please read a more interesting introduction at "About Me" section. I am an abstract thinker who is fun to watch in action. I not only generate new & better ideas for how things can be improved, but I also offer empowering courage to pursue them. I am exceptionally encouraging & motivating, and sometimes help others to reach their goals & dreams. People probably see me as a good mentor due to my patience and talent for giving direction. I am more expressive than introspective, more deliberate than spontaneous, more passionate than composed – and an assertive personality who does not hesitate to challenge anything in life!


One thought on “What is the Quality of your Life?

  1. yes, it’s complicated..!! 😀 like the points mentioned under joy drivers, for eg., when not fulfilled, results in unhappiness..:-)

    better untie ‘THE reasons’ which make you happy or sad..just think, happiness is a state of mind i will be in no matter what..! it’s an art though difficult to achieve but worth trying..i may have drove to another point altogether but i strongly feel the definition to happiness varies from person to person..ask a poor at street, he will tell a day he gets the bread without much hassles makes him happy..ask a rich & he may tell you a day when he gets accepted genuinely by his fellows..same is the case with peace..I mean, the reasons to happiness/peace are so many & that too they keep changing with age, circumstances..

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    Posted by ritu | July 31, 2015, 5:03 pm

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