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Day 103

What is certain to happen in 2016? Well, let’s see. Next year, some things will certainly go well., some things will certainly not go well. I’ll certainly feel happy, sad, loved, hated, stressed, relaxed, smart, dumb, confident, afraid, healthy, sick, confused and assured. I am certainly going to have amazing new experiences, will build lasting … Continue reading

Day 102

We all do need a role model, someone to admire, someone to influence us, someone to be our guiding compass on the right values and ethics of life. The younger we are, the more is the need for a role model. The role models represent something of much higher value to us, may be at … Continue reading

Day 101

I love waking up early, taking bath before the dawn, and hitting the road during the early hours of morning. I used to do morning walk for hours, but that had stopped since I started travelling to Gurgaon for work. However, I enjoy my morning drive from Noida to Gurgaon. I also enjoy my commute … Continue reading

Day 100

It is the time of the year to reflect, and make resolutions. When I look back, 2015 was an eventful and progressive year. The year 2015 opened with the preparation and execution of Hyderabad offsite with 100+ CXOs from CK Birla group. Then I went to establish the Delhi retail sales channel for Orient Electric, spent 5 … Continue reading