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Ignite Your SACH

Fundamental (SACH) is the foundation. Outcome will follow. Not the other way around, if you are a leader who matters. Continue reading


Coping with Stress

You can manage stress by planning, preparing, and preventing, and by taking care of outside and inside sources of stress. Continue reading

Director’s Inaugural Speech

Posting here after a long time, running out of any spare time in life. I recently started my MBA, and coping the academic demands after 14 hours of daily work puts my mettle to ultimate test. I wanted to share the insights shared by IIM Lucknow director in his inaugural speech to our batch: This … Continue reading

Do Great Work

Innovate or Stagnate. Leave everything you touch better than you found it. Mediocrity happens when people refuse to change and improve all that they do. Look what happened to some of the big car companies because the slowed down their devotion to innovation. The competition ate them for breakfast. And put some out of business. … Continue reading

Last 10 %

In most fields, there’s an awful lot of work put into the last ten percent of quality. Example – laying out the design of a page or a flyer so it looks like a pro did it takes about ten times as much work as merely using the template Microsoft builds in for free, and … Continue reading

Lead without a Title

Some insights from Robin, we can pretty much make them our life principles: Remember that you need no title to be a leader. Leadership has less to do with the size of your title than the depth of your commitment. I’ve seen front-line employees, taxi drivers and carpet installers doing their work like Picasso painted. … Continue reading

Make a Difference

You can tell if someone is indispensable just by the way they walk into the room. They have their head high, they look at you, their shoulders are forward, there is a sparkle in their eye. People who are indispensable make the meanings better just by being in it. They care more about what they … Continue reading

Be a Leader (from Robin)

Act Like a Human As the lights go out on the stage of old-school leadership, acting human is your game-changing solution. Acting human engages people – human engagement facilitates others towards their brilliance. A refreshing burst of humanity at the office outlasts and outshines the paycheck, the office with the view, or driving the company … Continue reading

Leadership – Start Today

Leadership means doing your vision (even if you’re title is janitor – be a visionary janitor and create wow in your work). Leadership means staying true to your self. And leadership means, well, not following. When you get to work every day, it’s showtime. No one cares if you have a cold or if you’re … Continue reading

Ishita’s Lessons from SAMBA

Time is an illusion. Don’t measure it by the amount of hours/effort you put in, measure it by goals you accomplish. A lofty goal combined with serious effort gets results. Doing things quickly and repetitively helps you get over anxiety about failure. Making a decision is more important than doing things perfectly. When in the … Continue reading