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What is the Quality of your Life?

Why is that every animal from small to large on earth, from ants to elephants, can sail through life (specially I like the birds), but we humans made things so complicated, that even after being the most evolved species on earth, we are loosing our ability to go through this simple and beautiful experience called life? … Continue reading

Ignite Your SACH

Fundamental (SACH) is the foundation. Outcome will follow. Not the other way around, if you are a leader who matters. Continue reading

Do Great Work

Innovate or Stagnate. Leave everything you touch better than you found it. Mediocrity happens when people refuse to change and improve all that they do. Look what happened to some of the big car companies because the slowed down their devotion to innovation. The competition ate them for breakfast. And put some out of business. … Continue reading

Last 10 %

In most fields, there’s an awful lot of work put into the last ten percent of quality. Example – laying out the design of a page or a flyer so it looks like a pro did it takes about ten times as much work as merely using the template Microsoft builds in for free, and … Continue reading

Robin Sharma on “How to start 2010”

We’re just about done 2009. On January, 1, 2010, you get a fresh 365 days. A new chance.  To create the single best year of your life to date. Most will waste this opportunity and make the new  year a repeat of the one just past. Sad. But true. But a few will wake up … Continue reading

10 Skills you need to success in Anything!

Creativity Impressive ability to Sell Lasting Personal Relationship Strong Ethics Relaxed Attitude & Confidence Self-Management Courage Research Accounting Patience

20 Success Principles

Whatever you do, you will be more successful if you do it with honesty, fairness, and to the best of your ability. Be voracious in your learning, and ensure that others benefit from your intellectual and monetary wealth. Reclaim the “killer instinct” as a natural part of who you are. Don’t be satisfied with being … Continue reading

Jimmy Choo Mantras

A good dose of common sense. Work hard and keep your word. If you say you will do something, do it. Nothing is hard enough. If something is not working (out), do something else. When time comes to push, push. But when you need to lay back, do so. Don’t push too hard. College degree … Continue reading

Getting to the Top

Employees looking to move up to their first management positions should work on these skills: Standardizing processes and procedure both across and within units Improving the quality of products and services To reach mid-level management, managers need to find “stretch assignments” that give them experience: Turning around a struggling unit Building a performing team and … Continue reading

Mind & Success

I recently went through an excellent training conducted by a doctor who is expert in NLP, TLT, Hypnosis, and applied behavioral sciences. It was very enlightening, eye-opener experience. Some of the learnings were: Performance is when a person can utilize his competence at the right time, at the right place. Internal emotional state, and self management is required … Continue reading