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Coping with Stress

You can manage stress by planning, preparing, and preventing, and by taking care of outside and inside sources of stress. Continue reading


10 Skills you need to success in Anything!

Creativity Impressive ability to Sell Lasting Personal Relationship Strong Ethics Relaxed Attitude & Confidence Self-Management Courage Research Accounting Patience

20 Success Principles

Whatever you do, you will be more successful if you do it with honesty, fairness, and to the best of your ability. Be voracious in your learning, and ensure that others benefit from your intellectual and monetary wealth. Reclaim the “killer instinct” as a natural part of who you are. Don’t be satisfied with being … Continue reading

Mind & Success

I recently went through an excellent training conducted by a doctor who is expert in NLP, TLT, Hypnosis, and applied behavioral sciences. It was very enlightening, eye-opener experience. Some of the learnings were: Performance is when a person can utilize his competence at the right time, at the right place. Internal emotional state, and self management is required … Continue reading

What is Success?

I was trying to define success – how can I live a life that really matters. Are we living the most optimal and effective life? I am trying to discover what matters most in my life, how can I live better – and it is an endless process. Thought to list down some of the … Continue reading